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         A good way to explore one's BDSM interest is to contact a local professional Dominant who can help you safely explore your interests. There are many reasons to visit a professional: maybe you are inexperienced or "new," and don't really know where to go. Maybe you are busy, and have no time to invest in a power-exchange relationship, while still wanting to relieve your kink interests. Perhaps you seek a skilled disciplinarian, who you wish to have a strictly professional relationship with. Or you may just want to learn.

        My name is Brian Oestmann, and I am a professional Dominant and alternate sexuality educator in Philadelphia, PA. I began my journey in studying kink while living in London in early 2011, and have since honed My skills and practice My craft on many people. I offer BDSM sessions, classes, and consultations in a location of your choice, and also travel to New York City or Washington DC. I have taught regularly in Philadelphia, and have an extensive record in kink.

        I enjoy both the seasoned player and the newcomer, and invite any and all who are also interested in learning about the complex world of power exchange and communication dynamics to explore this site, and see if you can find interests on which we are both compatible. Shoot Me an email or text message if you would like to inquire about a session, or if you would like Me to teach/speak at an event you are organizing.


-Sir Brian

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To book a session or engagement with Me, you may 
call 215 301 8701, e-mail, or fill out My booking form.
  • If calling, do so between the hours of 10 AM and Midnight. Be prepared to answer some basic questions about what you're interested in, how long of a session you seek, and when you were thinking of doing it. I do not listen to "whatever you wish" requests! Be sure you have reviewed all three links above!

  • I am usually available every day with four hours advance notice. I ALWAYS prefer 24h notice, and completely reserve the right to deny you your appointment if I feel I have not received sufficient notice.

  • You may defer or lower your tribute (at My discretion) by inquiring if I need any new equipment/toys. High priority items may significantly help both of us out. Also, have you seen my specials?

For phone or cam sessions, please check My NiteFlirt lines,
or use My call buttons below!

BDSM Sir and Kink Advisor

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Brian Oestmann

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