Events are sourced from My Google Calendar, where they are color coded thus:
Teaching   |   Performing   |   Socializing   |   Traveling
I only list the events I attend where one may find Me in a public location. I am well aware that there are a few other events around, and I will only list them in My social calendar if I am going to them. I am not your personal agenda, and if you rely on Me to get the "latest deets on the hottest happenings," you will be sorely disappointed.

So if you'd like to see a "more complete calendar," or one that comes out on the first of every month, make one yourself. :-)
The 2020 list of demonstrations for BDSM 101 is as follows:

March - Flogging

April - Mummification

May - Spanking

June - High Protocol

July - Electricity

August - Flogging

September - Trampling/Kicking

October - Spanking

November - Hypnosis*

December - Pervertibles/Kinkables

*: subject to change

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