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about me


Height: 6"3   |   Weight: 180 lbs.   |   Race: White   |   Ethnic Origin: Hispanic

Build: Average   |   Eye Color: Green   |   Hair Color: Dark Brown (shaved head)


I am an independent BDSM professional, alt-sex educator, and adult entertainer in the Philadelphia, PA area. I offer a variety of services in and out of an expansive and varied space in central Philadelphia, as well as occasionally travel to Washington D.C. and New York City.

  • I offer discreet, private fantasy experiences with no organic sex for individuals or couples interested in BDSM, fetish, or kink, either at a private location or at their homes.

  • I teach individuals or couples how to incorporate new techniques in play in a teaching capacity, as well as run public and semi-public group classes on several BDSM subjects.

  • I take on a relationship advisor/mediator role with individuals or couples wishing to "come out" to their partners, and serve as a kink informational hub for newcomers to the scene.

  • I speak, teach, and perform at kink and non-kink events to help normalize the practices of BDSM and foster understanding between communities, from bachelorette parties to health conferences.

  • I self-produce and release video and photo content, both for My own interests and for custom requests, featuring a wide range of activities, from the pornographic to the educational.

  • I serve as ghost designer and consultant on a variety of kink and vanilla artistic projects in various mediums.

More info

Smokes: Yes   |   Drinks: Rarely   |   Drugs: No (420-friendly)

Waist: 33in   |   Shoe Size: 11.5 W   |   Endowment: 7.5", cut

Tattoos: Yes (5)   |   Piercings: Yes (3)   |   Hand/Facial Modifications: No

Languages:   English (native)   |   Spanish (native)   |   French (native)

Knowledge:   Religion & Culture   |   Culinary   |   Gaming (all)

Music:   Clint Mansell   |   Janis Joplin   |   Portishead

Movies:   The Fountain   |   The Girl Next Door   |   Grey Gardens

Books:   Rendezvous with Rama   |   Helter Skelter   |   Dune

Artists:   Zdzislaw Beksinski   |   William Blake   |   Toshio Saeki

Service record

Current Recurring Events and Classes

Due to COVID-19, My primary public teaching space, the Kink Shoppe, closed on September 20th, 2020. I have only begun seeking a new public teaching and performance space as of Summer 2022, and currently only teach one-off classes live or over Discord.

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