You come to Me

  • $150.00 for a half-hour session

  • $200.00 for a one-hour session

  • $350.00 for a one-hour-and a half session

  • $400.00 for a two-hour session

  • $600.00 for a three-hour session

  • Inquire for sessions 4 hour or longer

  • $150.00 for a one-hour consultation/training.

  • $400.00 for a one-hour Double Dom session with any of the Destiny's Chamber Staff or a Dominant of choice.

i am currently not offering in-calls

In-Call Special: -----







In-Call Only.


I come to you

  • $250.00 for a one-hour session

  • $400.00 for a one-hour-and a half session

  • $500.00 for a two-hour session

  • $750.00 for a three-hour session

  • Please inquire for sessions 4 hours or longer


  • $200.00 for a one-hour consultation/training.

  • $500.00 for a one-hour Double Dom with a Dominant of choice.




Out-Call Special: Spring 2021


Be flogged, be beaten, and learn your lessons. Sessions with focus on flogging will be taken at a reduced rate!

30-minute flogging - $100

1-hour flogging - $150

Out-Call Only

 ongoing specials 

Couple's Rope: Due to the immense popularity of My bimonthly rope class, and the approach of some couples, I have decided to offer a rope special: Beginner couples interested in learning rope at home for their private play can now book a Couple's Rope evening with Me for the rate of $400 for the entire evening. The goal of the evening is to learn a whole bunch of rope, starting at the beginning and working with your setup and dynamics as a couple so you can expand and extend your play for a long, long time to come! Unlike practically everything else, this special is not based on time, but on experience, and its rate does not change on the basis of how long it takes a couple to learn to tie.

Outcall only, rope-focused teaching/training only, couples only.  4h maximum.

Batorfilm: I'm working on a very special multimedia project about masturbation! If you are a cisgender man, ask Me about getting discounts for being featured in film and sound clips completely anonymously in My project, just by touching your body or masturbating! Why, it's almost as if you did it every day already!

Being in Videos: Ask Me about getting discounts for being featured in some of My videos, and if we are compatible and you are someone I seek, you can get up to 50% off your session for helping, or even more depending on the content!

Student Discount: Are you a student under the age of 25 (but OVER 18, for fuck's sake)? Bring Me your ID along with a valid student ID. I will reduce out-call hourly tribute by $100 (making it $150/h).

Multiple Visitors: My tribute is to compensate My time, skill, space, and supplies as a whole, not per person. I can session 1-on-1, 2-on-1, or even 3-on-1 without having to vary My demands! Please inquire for group rates for classes. Tipping is always appreciated, but not required.

Serving Me Regularly: If you book and keep three sessions with Me at more or less regular intervals, I will gladly discuss options which are more economical for you and mutually beneficial for the both of us. Regularity is seen as a form of loyalty, something which I prize very highly, and loyalty is well-rewarded. Serving Me regularly also opens up the possibility of out-of-session training or tasks.

Traveling Sessions: I am also available to session out of New York City and Washington DC, with proper notice. Please let me know with a MINIMUM of one week, or I will not take your traveling session. Travelling sessions will require an initial, non-refundable deposit of $150, which will count towards My hourly travelling session rate of $300.00

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