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Sponsorship and service

Not everyone can see Me in session, and not everyone who wishes to submit wants to do so in a traditional fashion. Perhaps you wish to demonstrate your devotion via just making My life easier/more comfortable, or you wish to help My growth. Maybe you wish for a very specific set of interests, but cannot afford to fully explore them at the dungeon with Me. Perhaps you're a financial submissive who enjoys a Dominant whom you can serve at a distance while still feeling intimately involved.

  • I'm completely new to this and have no idea what I like/want.
    As long as you are open with Me, and I can figure a few loose general interests, I will happily take on newbies and inexperienced visitors. My goal is to help people navigate these things, and I will usually work with each individual to find the best option for them. I am relaxed and approachable, both during and out of session. I promise I sound scarier online.
  • What's a session like?
    A session is defined by each person's interests and personality, carefully crafted to be an individual experience that works within a common framework and comfort level. I do not take on scripts, so I cannot just tell you "what a session is like," as it is a personal experience. I do pride Myself on not "breaking My toys," and can be vetted for in the local BDSM community, as well as by industry professionals in at least three countries.
  • Wait, what do You mean "no organic sex?"
    "Organic sex" means the more "traditional" activities we consider as sex, such as oral, anal, or vaginal penetration as done by our own bodies. Sessions such as anal training or cum control ("edging") are done with a myriad of toys and tools, and cuckolding sessions are done via My partner or a third-party professional. I am an adult entertainer, but I am not a rental service. While on that subject, I am not a stripper either.
  • I am older/in poor health. Can I still come see You?
    Absolutely. I always make it a point to ask about any and all health issues a visitor may have to ensure their complete safety and well-being. My range is wide. Being older, or disabled should never stop you from being able to enjoy service or play.
  • I'm worried. You could be crazy. Do I get to meet You first?
    I suggest that all My visitors arrive ten to fifteen minutes early to their in-call. This is a chance I get to talk with you, on a face-to-face level. Other than that, if I was dismembering people, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be in business since 2011. No, we cannot go for a coffee date to decide whether you want to book Me or not.
  • Sir, I'm a slave/submissive, and I would like to serve You/be trained.
    I am not looking for personal service of any sort. I am a busy and private person, and in several relationships which fully occupy My personal time and emotional labor. If you wish to serve Me, then you will do so with an appointment, like everyone else does.
  • The tribute You demand is very high! Is there any way around it?
    The tribute I demand is fitting to what I do, and is actually slightly lower than the average for those in My field. My offers are clearly stated on My tributes page, please don't negotiate with service providers. I take cash, thank you.
  • Wow, this is so cool, I'd love to get to know You!
    This is a lie. You either want to sleep with Me, or you want Me to play with you, or you wish to benefit from My knowledge in the field without compensating Me. Stop doing this. Pay sex workers. Pay content creator. Pay artists. People who want to "get to know Me" manage to do so organically, not because of what I do. If you want to "get to know Me" consider whether you would have wanted to "get to know Me" before knowing this is what I do.

Appearing in videos

I am always looking for folk to be in videos.


That said, I am incredibly selective when it comes to who I film with, and I have extremely specific ideas and visions regarding My content. Those who have seen some of My work know that I pride Myself in a distinct style, hovering between the surreal and voyeuristic, and that most of My videos are private specialty requests.

I make content because I like to project the images in My head onto a screen. Since I mostly do independent sales and request, it's not particularly a primary source of income for Me. And so, I will often choose to do what I find interesting, rather than "what sells." I am not particularly motivated by capitalism.

Before you make a video with Me:

  • I will be making you sign an adult performer contract, as well as make a photocopy of your ID, and an take an identifying image of your face. This is non-negotiable and how recordkeeping for adult work is done. This information is for legal/recordkeeping purposes, and not used or released. You can take a look at the contract I use here.

  • Read about the content that has been dancing on My mind, below this section. Those are what I am currently interested in. I am always open to discussing each individual project in greater detail, and taking requests of content to make, but if you have a skill outside of the ones I am seeking, I am not interested. I do not care if you can fit the entire state of Montana inside your holes, unless I am looking for that, you won't find much here.

  • Be honest and realistic about what you can and cannot do or provide. If I seek someone with a lot of experience for a certain skill, this is not an invitation for a newcomer to "try it out." Having fantasized about a certain activity is not the same as having a grasp of what that activity entails in the real world, unless you have engaged in it.


Should all this seem acceptable to you, please fill out the form at the very bottom of this page.


Currently Planned video projects

Coming Home to Boot and Foot Worship

Seeking: 1x male submissive

Specs: none

Skillset: Foot worship, ability to crawl on hands and knees

Nudity? Optional

Face? Optional (preferred)

I come home and put My things down, and kick back on the couch to watch television or play a game. At a snap of My fingers, and obedient boy comes to bring Me a beer and unlace My boots to worship My feet.

Note: Though a location has been determined to shoot, I am seeking alternatives, and priority will be offered to someone offering a different one.

Appear in a Video - SUBMISSION FORM
Do you create content (OnlyFans, C4S, etc.)?
Which days are you usually available?
What times are you usually available? I do not film at night.

Thanks for submitting! I will get back to you shortly.

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