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2020: The Year that Was

After a year of silence during the pandemic, I am reopening My services.

The Dungeon has permanently closed.

The Kink Shoppe has permanently closed.

I'll likely be starting new avenues of content, more social- and educational- based soon. I have made a couple more adult videos that I have uploaded in My clipstores, just have not posted about them here. In fact, I post so little on this blog. So that will be changing soon.

Yes, I will see people on an out-call only basis. I am currently only taking out-calls with folks who are at least two weeks clear of their second COVID-19 vaccine. No, this is not negotiable, and I will be checking your vax status.

I will be traveling to New York City from May 31st to June 5th (technically, from May 29th, but I'm pretending I'm not there so I can have time to Myself).

That is all, really.

This has been hell.

I'm interested in moving forward.



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