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A Bevy of Content

Holy shit. It has been a crazy January, let Me tell you. But I have so much that has gotten done! So sit back with your favorite tasty beverage, because I am about to dial it up to 100.

You, about to stumble into some CONTENT.

First, if you haven't been checking on it regularly, I urge you to take a look at and take in that lovely new website smell. See how easy it is to navigate. Marvel at its modernized interface. But mainly, head over to the Photos and Videos page, because that is where all the stuff has been happening.

I have finally finished in My spooky dealings with invisible porn giants. What this means, simply, is that I have gotten My shit together and opened up a few new places where you can see My videos! So let's take a look at what's popping!

  • Clips4Sale - My standby. My love. C4S has been the sole platform to get My clips since I started making videos several years ago. And guess what? This is still the first place where they will be posted!

  • xHamster Premium - If you're a xHamster community member, rejoice! My videos are now available on xHamster Premium through their token system!

  • ModelHub/PornHub Premium - The PornHub Premium branch of My site is done! Rejoice here as well, as I have now joined the largest tube site in the world, and you can get My content there now.

  • ManyVids - A new venture, this platform is taking a little more time to review My videos and information, but will also be hosting all of My premium vids.

  • IWantClips - Though this is a smaller platform and has been struggling some, it has a loyal base of fetish followers, and they can now get all My stuff on there as well.

  • xHamster - My xHamster Producer account was where I used to put up previews for My C4S vids. Since I now host My own preview space, I am converting it to a place where you can get tons of FREE video content, from basic info, to B-roll, to previews and content not suitable for paid platforms.

  • PornHub - Just like on xHamster, I will be posting all of My freebies on this account. Unlike xHamster though, you can also purchase My premium content right on the same page!

At the end of 2018, I filmed a handful new videos, and they will be trickling along here over the next few weeks. Of note, however, I gathered resources and planned to shoot a segment of "Starseed," an alien impregnation video that has been in the works for four years. Between life, time, and the lack of an available scene partner and camera person (or even equipment, at that time), it just kept getting pushed to the back burner. Back burner no more! Thanks to the help of a trusted operator and the willingness of slutty latex twink Kuro, we managed to set a time to shoot some stuff.

Between working with new equipment and not being 100% prepared for some of the awesome choices I made, we did not end up shooting a full scene, and instead created two "cutting room floor" videos that are available for free on xHamster and PornHub. I thought the footage was very good, and I just had to share it. And thanks to the magic of the internet, I have embed both of those videos here, because I love you.

Some awesome GIFs will be coming your way soon as well of a bunch of new stuff. I expect the next month or two on this site to be hectic: I am going to be reorganizing/rearranging/redoing a lot of stuff to make sure it all syncs and works together nicely. So keep checking in!

Phew! The crazy part is that I still have so much to do, and all of this with a move, and recent renovations in both My home and My work space. It's intensive, but I am excited for all the new stuff coming this year. Remember, you can always send a small token of your appreciation, and you could even see Me use it!



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