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New Year, New Wanderlust: Happy Holidays!

What a year it has been.

I had been considering moving all of My content overseas and onto new servers for a while. As much as I loved what I had going on, My website was really not up to par, and was getting to be a dreaded pain to update constantly. The passing of SESTA/FOSTA has driven many sex workers and providers of all types underground, social behemoths like Facebook and Google are arbitrarily violating the privacy of people all in the name of "saving the trafficked," and safe digital spaces for sex workers to congregate and advertise are getting shut down.

International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers 2018 protest in Philadelphia. Photo: The Red Umbrella Alliance
International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers 2018, Philadelphia, PA. Photo: The Red Umbrella Alliance

The latest attack on folks has come in a double whammy from Tumblr and Facebook, both which have decided to update their Terms of Service. Tumblr has decided that no sexual content would be allowed on the platform starting on December 17th (ironically, the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers). Interestingly enough, since then, My pornography blog feed is still just as active, and I have in fact received seven followers which are all pornography bots. Doing great, Tumblr! Facebook, on the other hand, took advantage of the kerfuffle caused by Tumblr and quickly and quietly updated their rules to ban all discussion of sex, sexual roles, BDSM, and has even shut down some educational pages and protest movements.

This has proved to be very stressful for sex workers, both those working above and below the law. Imagine waking up one day and realizing that your entire job has been taken from you. Your assets have been frozen. You are locked out of practically anything that can connect you to the outside. And you have no way to stop it. Some people would call that systemic extermination, but hey, we're too busy worrying about not getting killed to really put a label on it.

I opted to simply move my entire online presence to companies which are decentralized, and that are not based in Gilead. I mean, the US. Interestingly enough, a lot of these companies have to actually work in conjunction with others who are operating under these insane US sanctions, and it's going to be great when it implodes all in a few years and people start talking about "national internets." Just wait.

I'm getting off topic.

Welcome to My new site! is up and running, and most of all, it is all located in the same place, meaning I spend less time cross-linking posts and platforms, and more time doing shit. The whole thing got a redesign and new content, so check it out!

Me, not running around 10,000 platforms.
Me, not running around 10,000 platforms.

So, let's talk about what all this means for Me, for the site, and for the upcoming plans for 2019! This is so exciting, you guys! I feel like a grown-ass adult.


PhillySir in 2019: Coming Soon

  1. A brand new interface: Wow! It's shiny! It's clear! It's easy to navigate! It is chock-full of images and fancy code for both desktop and mobile!

  2. Easy access to all my network, free and paid: No more ugly banners, link chains, or buried information: everything is one place!

  3. A snazzy, shareable blog filled with content: Look at this! I can enable comments! I can share it places! I can give it a motherfucking newsletter!

  4. A contact form: Don't know what to write in an email? Not sure how to approach your interests? Check out technology, folks, and book your session on the main page today!

  5. An accessible, easy to integrate schedule: No more checking dates against other dates, my new schedule page includes a calendar that can easily integrate with your own Google Calendar, Calendar App, or any other software you use!

  6. A Premium partnership with xHamster, PornHub, and other sites: For the longest time, my videos were only available for purchase on Clips4Sale, and free previews could be seen only on xHamster. Well, no more! Thanks to the extremely helpful legal and content teams at several clipsites and content builders, I will be starting up with a lot of them soon!

  7. Lots of new videos: There has been plenty of activity lately at PhillySirVideos: C4S, and I am actually editing several new bits as I type (some assets are rendering right now). I will be rolling out lots of new stuff on this and other platforms, including the long awaited for "Starseed" series.

  8. New educational opportunities: New classes are coming, at Kink Shoppe, online, and at a location near you! Stay tuned as I expand My empire, and I promise you will see more of Me.

I have been very spotty with My online presence, especially in the past month and a half, while I was making big decisions on what to do with both My life and business. I am so excited to have you join Me in all of the new, wonderful things I am about to show you.

New, wonderful things. Edited incidental shot from "Starseed" preshoot, featuring Kitten Kuro.
New, wonderful things. Edited incidental shot from "Starseed" preshoot, featuring Kitten Kuro.

Now I am no dummy, and I know that tonight is Christmas. So Merry Christmas! Or whatever holiday you celebrate or do not celebrate. While you have been taking it easy, I have been busy building all of this. So, if you appreciate Me, you still have the rest of the evening to send Me a little holiday token of your appreciation. Well, technically, you have until January 6th, but that's just a cultural thing. :-)


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