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The Games We Play: A New YouTube Project

The world is returning to normal, slightly. I absolutely hate it, and remain a hermit during a pandemic that has now wiped out more people than the 1918 Spanish Flu. People do not seem to care much, but the economy is doing great, sweaty.

As part of My ongoing madness, I finally completed the first video in a series I somewhat pondered a couple months ago. So, welcome to "The Games We Play," where I will attempt to babble inanely about sex and videogames, and hopefully you will learn a thing. Further videos will cover the following topics, among others:

  • Fear, excitement, and the power of endorphins

  • Gender and sex in games vs. gender and sex in daily life

  • How propaganda leads to demonization

  • A dive on the sexually progressive nature of one of Sierra's most hated and controversial properties of the late nineties

When it rains, it tends to pour. Things have been all over the place, and I've lost a large amount of My toys to humidity creeping into My storage. However, due to necessity and thanks to the patience and goodwill of a couple of wonderful individuals, I am beginning to take in-call sessions in a new space in Center City Philadelphia, located within a few blocks of City Hall.

This location is very differently laid out than Destiny's Chamber, and has quite a few specialized tools, so I am excited to share it with new and old visitors. Additionally, I will also be unrolling other dungeon options soon on the website, that I can operate from as well (including a Bensalem, PA location!).

I may also be cutting down some of My platforms for content, as I am unrolling several new videos and concepts soon, and I am having massive trouble managing My paperwork. Those are the things I'm supposed to have submissives for!

It seems that life prevails.

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