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NEW VIDEO - Bedroom Eyes: A Messy Pizza Date With Ikarus Logan

Can't see the preview above? Click here!

Those of you who are familiar with My content will remember Ikarus Logan from My custom video "Upon Request: Kissing Logan."We had a very interesting time, as we both have switchy energies. I thought it was high time we got together for a date, which is what lead to this video.

And so I decided to delve a little bit into food play. This is in reference to some recent research I have been doing as well as a small, not really blogged about video on a couple of My platforms where I eat a pizza for a fan of food. So we ordered a jumbo pepperoni and decided to just chill and hang together and see what would happen.

We had a really fun time. From goofing off feeding each other pizza to wrestling each other down to push it into our faces... it definitely got a little bit messy. And of course, because we couldn't keep our hands off the food or each other, it all resulted in some hot mutual food masturbation.

The full clips is available now from any of My premium services on My Videos page! My most current content can be found on My PornHub/ModelHub, xHamster Premium, iWantClips, and of course, Clips4Sale.

All free still are available on My FetLife page. Still conflicted on what to do with the premiums. Thoughts?

GIFs are delicious. Delicious like pizza. So have some. Share them anywhere you would like!



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