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NEW VIDEO - Bedroom Eyes: Exploring the Edge - Part 2: Electro, Clips, and Crops

Can't see the preview above? Click here!

Do you remember Elliot? Elliot was the older guy who wanted to explore a little bit of CBT, and who got his cock edged and balls slapped around in "Exploring the Edge - Part 1." It was time to meet again, this time to delve into more CBT, and less edging. And boy, did he get more CBT than he had gotten before. Ever before, I daresay.

I brought out a variety of toys, from simple things like a crop and a ball separator, to the more intense, like a Wartenberg wheel. Fun things that one doesn't often get a chance to do to oneself. But My focus was going to be on some much more interesting things than just traditional impact. So I pulled out My electrostim kit, because nothing says dick-love like a whole bunch of electricity going through your shaft. I do not play.

Fans of some of My other videos know that I enjoy making submissives focus on a goal, usually through counting, or guiding them to a final point in the play. This is perfect for whenever you want to push and prod at someone's limits. How many clothespins do you think were at My final goal for Elliot? You'll have to check the video to find out. I think the lesson really sticks when I start knocking them off his dick with a crop, though.

The full clips is available now from any of My premium services on My Videos page! I have been doing others things (like masturbating), so I actually haven't finished getting My MV account set up, but you can still find all My content on My PornHub/ModelHub, xHamster Premium, iWantClips, and of course, Clips4Sale.

All free still are available on My FetLife page. I still have no idea what I'm going to do with the others.

Do you like JIF? No? Then perhaps you will like GIF! Here. Take some home and share them. Just not with the kids.



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