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NEW VIDEO - Bedroom Eyes: Ragged Wax

Video above not loading? Watch the FREE preview for "Bedroom Eyes: Ragged Wax" here!

Oh how I love wax play on men. And who hasn't gone and dripped a few drops of wax from a taper onto their body to experience that sensation. Perhaps even in erotic play. And that's very likely what Jack Ragged had in mind when I said I wanted to cover his body with wax.

This video definitely has Jack covered in a LOT of wax. Using two candle warmers, a candy melting rig, and lots of rope, the first few drips are already quite warm, reddening his skin and making him twitch and moan. It was incredibly fun to watch him writhe and twist in his bondage as I added more and more wax.

The intensity definitely ramped up quickly though, and I must have put a quart of it onto the poor boy. Needless to say, the binder and jock were completely stiff by the time I was done. The original plan for this vid did not include the wax removal at the end, but he was very sensitive, and I had some fun metal claws that I wanted to use, and it just felt right to go for it right then and there. So this clip does feature the removal as well!

The full clips is available now from any of My premium services on My Videos page! Please note that due to the entire reset of the site, some may not be fully working, but they are for sure on My PornHub/ModelHub, xHamster Premium, and of course, Clips4Sale.

All free still are available on My FetLife page. Standby while I reboot premium still services... or maybe cancel them completely.

Here is a lovely set of GIFs for you to take home! Share and spread them at will!



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